“Excited to donate to a great cause for my birthday. I always feel CAPEable when I wear my super hero costumes…”

~Claire Schreiner, 8, Frisco, TX

The CapedKIDsaders’ first official “Birthday Donor”


“I want to promote literacy in every aspect of the lives of children, including in their schools, their churches, and even in the medical arena. Even if children are sick, they can still have resources to keep them connected to learning, and that’s why projects like Alonzo Cannon’s book are vital to this endeavor.”
~ State Senator Anastasia A. Pittman, Oklahoma City, OK

“As a Pediatric Physical Therapist and Mother of three I enjoy allowing the children I work with to make choices for themselves that lead to good outcomes. This problem solving ability helps with a child’s commitment, enjoyment and ownership of their progress in therapy, as well as being a wonderful skill to develop early in life. Cannons’ engaging book, “That Medicine I Will Not Take” hits a home run in addressing the philosophy of good decision making for children.”
~ Stacey Taylor, MPT, Shawnee, OK

“I wish my son Brandon had this when he was at Children’s Hospital in LA and at Cedars Sinai so many years ago. Thank you for helping put a smile on kids beautiful faces.”
~ Monica & Joel Brener, Beverly Hills, CA

“Caped KIDsaders! Being a superhero fan, this is a great concept.”
~Kamden Brooks Myers, Noble, OK

“Feels good to help out!”
~ Suzanne Gannon, Oklahoma City, OK

“This is such an awesome cause!”
~ Warren Paul Moffit, Everett, WA

“Great project you are working on. I think it will brighten those kids’ day when they get their awesome book, and cape! I hope you continue to do well with this! Loved the story and the ideas behind it!”
~Greg & Sherri Sands, Kingston, GA

“It has been a joy and privilege to be a witness of the project from the beginning. I loved it from the first read and it has only gotten sharper with each edit. I am proud to support the message of Caped Kidsaders, and I know it is only a matter of time before the rest of the world falls madly in love with the series, too!”
~ Susan Toombs, Los Angeles, CA

“For all of you that have young children or you just want to read a great book- this is a must!!!”
~Hilary Allen, Oklahoma City, OK


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